Lennox Blue Light Glasses

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Lennox is a classic elegant rectangular design that protects your eyes from harmful pro-longed screen time. Wearing blue light blocking glasses helps us with unwanted eyestrain. The screens we look at every day emit blue light which causes headaches, insomnia, eye strain, and can even lead to serious long-term retina damage. 


Lens: Blue Light Blocking Lens


Frame: Stainless Steel and Injection Mold Polycarbonate Frame


FDA Approved

Blue Light Glasses FAQ

What are the benefits of blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light, potentially reducing your chances of damaging your eyes. There is evidence to indicate blue light glasses can reduce headaches and migraines caused by these harmful rays (symptoms of digital eye strain), as well as improve your sleep. Blue light lenses are FDA approved.

Are Blue Light Glasses right for me?

Blue light glasses are for anyone who uses a cellphone, computer, tablet, is exposed to fluorescent lighting (such as in an office) or watches television on LED flat screens. Practically everyone can benefit from wearing these types of lenses.  

Can I wear blue light glasses all day?

Yes! Other than offering protection for your eyes, part of what makes blue light glasses so great is how versatile they are - you can literally wear them anywhere, just like you would your standard eyeglasses.

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